Gemini® (HSR)

World-class HSR compressors


World-class HSR compressors


High-speed reciprocating compressor model FS604 has two 14.5"

cylinders, one 9.50" cylinder and one 6.25" cylinder – all with

Variable Volume Clearance Pockets (VVCPs). This configuration is

most often used for gas gathering applications where it provides

superior flexibility with options for changing the number of stages

and liner bores.



Cooper Machinery Services offers a full line of API 11P high-speed reciprocating compressors, providing our customers with economic, flexible and reliable solutions to meet their gas compression needs.


Our HSR products range from 60 HP (45 kW) to 7,200 HP (5,370

kW), with a variety of piston rod load capacities and frame

stroke combinations. Over 15,000 of our compressors can

be found around the globe, working in fuel-gas boosting, gas

gathering, gas lift, CNG fueling, pipeline, and storage/withdrawal

applications – operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.




Cooper Machinery Services compressors are integrated into a package by a global network of authorized packagers. The compressor is matched with a driver, coolers, controls, and piping typically on a single skid. This allows the complete compressor package to be easily moved to a new location. This concept lowers your installation, site construction, and re-application costs.


Our compressors are designed to be directly connected to a

variety of reciprocating natural gas engines (720 to 1,800 rpm)

and electric motors (750 to 1,800 rpm). A variety of compressor

frame strokes allow the compressor to be perfectly matched to

the optimum driver.



Many Cooper Machinery Services high-speed reciprocating compressors featurefield-replaceable cylinder liners that allow the cylinder bore to be increased or decreased as operating conditions change. When the cylinder must be changed, several cylinders have identical flange connections, allowing the same piping and bottles to be used. In either case, there is no need to modify the on-skid piping and accessories, further lowering modification costs. If the cylinder bore is ever damaged, it is less expensive and less time consuming to replace a liner than a complete cylinder. A variety of capacity-control devices are also available, including our standard variable-volume clearance pockets, featuring generous clearance volumes. These provide greater flexibility for changing operating conditions. The modular design of our high-speed reciprocating compressors allows frames and cylinders to be easily reconfigured, offering maximum flexibility with minimal cost.




Cooper Machinery Services API 11P high-speed reciprocating compressors are balanced opposed to minimize vibration by equalizing the opposing reciprocating forces on the crankshaft. Heavy, ribbed frames distribute reciprocating stresses evenly for greater strength and longer life. Many compressor cylinders are water jacketed to lower operating temperatures, provide thermal

stability, and improve valve life.



Our Field Service Engineers are highly trained, fully certified to

international standards, and knowledgeable about the unique

demands of your application. Our experts can be quickly mobilized

to deliver the highest quality service whenever you need it, anywhere

in the world. They draw from the same technology and

knowledge base as the people who designed your compressor –

so their technical fluency cannot be beat.


Repairs & reconditioning


Cooper Machinery Services extensive engineering capabilities and advanced diagnostic resources are complemented by dedicated service trucks and the fully equipped facilities of our associate companies to keep your HSR compressors operating to their full potential – even long into their service life.


We can completely rebuild worn parts, refabricate components and

overhaul the complete package, including frame and cylinders. Our

OEM expertise can extend compressor service life for much longer

than you might expect..

Spare parts


The best way to keep your compressor performing to its full

potential is with OEM parts designed specifically for the job. With

decades of engineering, manufacturing and in-field experience in

material wear and customer demand patterns, our parts inventory

system is designed to reflect and respond to the real needs in

modern operating conditions. So, whether you have a current Cooper Machinery Services model or one of our legacy brands, we’ll have the parts you need – when you need them.


Portable diagnostics


With advanced yet compact data collection, miniaturization and

digital signal processing technologies, our Field Service Engineers

have the most comprehensive on-machine analysis capabilities

in the industry. Our portable diagnostics systems are much less

intrusive than on-board systems – in fact, they actually reduce the

number of on-board sensors required. We can perform a full range

of comparative and trend analyses and diagnostics at your site to

improve the performance, mechanical condition and reliability of

your HSR compressors. In-field monitoring by a Cooper Machinery Services specialist enables immediate action to increase the efficiency and operating performance of your HSR compressor.